Limit Spending for Property Tax Relief

Local Government Spending Limitations

Spending limits are similar to speed limits in a school zone, both are designed to protect. In the case of local governments, they apply the brakes to slow spending down.

YTD Revenue Still Tracking Closely With FY22

The most recent Revenue Estimating Conference prediction is aligning with actual results. January results will provide an even better understanding of revenue trends.

New Attorney General, New Opportunities

Constraining the size and scope of the federal government is an issue that should transcend politics or partisanship. State Attorneys General have a vital role in protecting states from regulatory and administrative overreach.

What’s On Tap for School Choice?

The public school system has a monopoly on education and expanding school choice in Iowa will not only force more accountability from our public schools, but it will also create greater competition and encourage better outcomes.

Special Elections Deserve Maximum Voter Involvement

Many special elections include financial questions that directly affect property taxes for everybody in the area. Yet, voter turnout for these questions is typically a fraction of that achieved during general elections.

Is Iowa Recession Ready?

Although Iowa’s economy will not be immune to a national recession or other outside pressures, the fiscal condition of the state is solid.

Iowa Has the Homefield Advantage… with Taxes

Once Iowa’s tax reform is fully implemented, its tax ranking should jump to 13th-best in the nation — one of the best in the Midwest, leaving the other Big Ten teams in the dust.

Recent Changes to Iowa’s Property Tax

Even with the extensive reforms as of late and the elimination of the county health levy, property taxes still remain a top concern of taxpayers with much work left to be done.

Be Thankful and Eat Turkey

The turkey industry in Iowa employs or supports over 38,000 total jobs and is responsible for as much as $10.64 billion in total economic activity throughout the state.

Iowa Property Tax History

Iowa’s property tax was first enacted in 1839. Although it has undergone several changes over the years, it continues to be a substantial burden to taxpayers across the state.

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