2020 Candidate Education Guide

Recently TEF Iowa polled Iowans to get their view on some key public policy issues. In this guide you will find not only how Iowans think about these issues, but also public policy solutions that align with the interest of Iowans. TEF Iowa has developed this guide as a resource to provide legislative candidates additional information on some of the major policy challenges confronting Iowa.


As a public policy organization, TEF Iowa’s goal is to create and expand opportunities for all Iowans. Through smaller government and smarter solutions, we can help more Iowans achieve the American dream and make our state more competitive. The goal of public policy should always be to expand freedom and remove barriers. In this policy guide you will find not only policy solutions, but additional resources that you can use to continue learning about various public policies.


TEF Iowa is proud to serve as a resource for not just policymakers, but all Iowans. We hope you find this guide informative. Please let us know if you have any questions or if the TEF Iowa team can be of any service.



Download a printable pdf here.