To Achieve Meaningful Property Tax Relief, Right Size Government

At the heart of high property taxes is local government spending. Solving Iowa’s property tax problem will require a commitment to responsible spending limits.

After implementing historic income tax reform, Iowa legislators will be turning their focus on property tax reform. Iowans across the political divide are rightly demanding property tax relief. Nevertheless, property tax reform will not be easy. Property taxes are local taxes and at the heart of high property taxes is local government spending. Solving Iowa’s property tax problem for the long-term will require a commitment to responsible spending limits.

Iowa’s Assessment Limitation – Rollback

 Iowa is one of 18 states that have assessment limitations to limit the growth of property taxes. Iowa is somewhat unique, however, because there is no limitation on property subject to rollback. Once calculated, it applies to all properties, even new construction. The property tax revolts of the late 1970s constituted the most significant property tax limitation movement in our […]

Taxpayer-Funded Advocacy Against Taxpayer Interests

Many Iowans have elected candidates who support school choice and property tax reform. However, local governments opposed to these measures use property tax dollars to fund lobbyists to fight against the will of their constituents. While all Iowans can talk to elected officials to voice their opinions, organizations with specific interests in the process of law-making often hire lobbyists to […]

A Victory for Iowa Families

Iowa Passes Student First Act The Students First Act creates a universal ESA that will be funded with the state’s share of funding per pupil, which is currently $7,598. This is a victory for families across Iowa. Taxpayer-Funds Used Against Own Interests Taxpayer-funded lobbying occurs when political subdivisions, such as counties, cities, and school districts, pay lobbyists with money they have […]

Iowa Passes Students First Act

The Students First Act is a victory for families across Iowa. Last fall when ITR Foundation wondered aloud what might happen with education in 2023, we were optimistic that it could be something big.  After all, Governor Kim Reynolds had just won re-election by nearly 20 points after making school choice the focal point of her campaign.  The Senate had […]

Reducing the Regulatory Burden for Iowa

Governor Reynolds has issued an executive order that places a moratorium on new regulations and requires a review of existing rules. These are the exact reforms Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation have offered in the past. A reduction of the barriers of “red tape” will add to and amplify other reforms, moving Iowa toward a more-competitive economic climate.

Iowa Rising: Governor Kim Reynolds Continues to Champion Conservative Policies

Governor Kim Reynolds, after winning reelection in a landslide, delivered her sixth Condition of the State address where she continued to outline a conservative policy agenda. Governor Reynolds has led the state through natural disasters, the COVID pandemic, and through our current uncertain national economy. Since assuming office, Governor Reynolds has been a champion of conservative policies that place the taxpayer first and protect and defend traditional values. As a result, Iowa’s economy is strong, the tax code is more competitive, and as Governor Reynolds stated the state is “a beacon for freedom and opportunity.”

Five Surprising Facts About Microschooling

The microschools that have sprouted in recent years, and the new ones that are now appearing, span a wide variety of educational philosophies and approaches, from structured “classical” models to unstructured “unschooling” models, and everything in between. Iowa lawmakers are poised to debate additional school choice legislation this year. If passed, parents will be given even more flexibility on how state […]

Roosevelt’s Revolution – The election of 1936 and the Triumph of New Deal Liberalism

David Pietrusza is both a gifted historian and storyteller. He is also the “Dean” of American presidential election history. His previous books focus on the elections of 1920, 1932, 1948, and 1960. All provide a rich narrative that explores the individuals, candidates and political environment that shaped these important presidential elections, which have lasting impact on both the nation and […]

Legislature Poised to Act on Property Taxes

Property Taxes Become Legislative Priority Property taxes are making headlines across Iowa, and legislative leaders are beginning to speak out about their intentions to address the growing issue. With the legislature poised to act, what can they do to rein in property taxes? ITR Foundation recently released its Property Tax Toolkit. This toolkit provides the history of how local property taxes […]