Making Iowa More Competitive Through Occupational Licensing Reform

This article was published in the Des Moines Register. Occupational licensing reform creates a more transparent process reviewing licenses and their associated requirements to see if they are appropriate or if they serve as a barrier making it more difficult for individuals to enter into a certain occupation. Governor Kim Reynolds is working hard to grow Iowa’s economy and she […]

Where are Iowa Cities Spending Property Taxes?

Iowa cities do important work, and that requires the collection of taxes. Problems surface, however, when cities with similar populations and services spend vastly different amounts of taxpayers’ money. Iowa’s 940 cities collect around 30% of all the property taxes we pay each year. Many of us are supportive of spending on law enforcement, emergency management, and roads. Where disagreement […]

Iowa’s Historic Chance to Eliminate Its Income Tax

This article was published in the National Review. The Hawkeye State must keep leading the way with pro-growth, pro-family economic policies. In 2022, Iowa led what has been called a state-level “flat-tax revolution.” The last few years have been historic for state-based tax reform, with the Tax Foundation reporting that 43 states passed some form of tax reform in 2021 or 2022. In 2023, […]

Seniors: Don’t Miss Out On Your New Property Tax Relief

While the homestead exemption will reduce property taxes by exempting a certain amount of a home’s value from taxation, it will be short-lived if local governments are not given a spending limitation. Iowa lawmakers responded to constituent complaints of rising assessments and growing property tax bills with the most comprehensive property tax reform package in over 30 years. One specific […]

Iowa is at the Forefront of Conservative Budgeting

This article was published in Real Clear Policy, the Cedar Rapids Gazette, and the Telegraph Herald. Both Governor Reynolds and legislative leaders have made Iowa a fiscal example for other states and the federal government to follow. President Calvin Coolidge regarded “a good budget as among the most noblest monuments of virtue.” President Coolidge’s fiscal conservatism is being exemplified at […]

Conservative Budgeting Continues for FY2024

Governor Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature continue to toe the line for taxpayers through 2024 with prudent budgeting. Despite national economic uncertainty resulting from high inflation, Iowa’s fiscal foundation was strong heading into the 2023 legislative session. One important reason for this success is the continued priority Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature are placing on prudent budgeting. In […]

Legislature Passes Property Tax Reform Measure

This legislation delivers more transparency and spending restraint for taxpayers. However, future property tax reform must be pursued and include strong budget or spending limits applied to entire local government budgets. A wide-ranging package of property tax reforms were approved inside the Iowa State Capitol this week, as a compromise bill (HF 718) passed both legislative chambers with overwhelming bipartisan […]

The Federal Budget and Debt Ceiling: Stop Pouring Gasoline on the Fire

By Victoria Sinclair, Guest Columnist A nation simply cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity. Federal legislators and the President must stop fueling the flames and exercise spending restraint. It is imperative that federal legislators and the President take the issue of the federal deficit seriously and act now.  Generations of American politicians have more or less ignored the […]