Blue State Budget Woes: States Cannot Tax and Spend Their Way to Prosperity

This article was published in The Cedar Rapids Gazette. Media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal are beginning to recognize that the Red-state model of limited spending and pro-growth tax reform is working. A recent editorial by The Wall Street Journal highlights several progressive Democrat “Blue” states confronting budget problems as a result of overspending and tax increases. States […]

States Can Begin Verifying Medicaid Eligibility for First Time in 3 Years

When people receive benefits they’re not supposed to get, that leaves less money for everything else the government does.

For months, advocates for more taxpayer-funded healthcare have warned of a looming drop in Medicaid coverage. They blamed this on the official end of the COVID-19 “public health emergency” and associated relief funds.

But as I pointed out earlier this year, the real issue is that millions of people have been receiving a taxpayer-funded benefit for which they no longer qualify. That’s because the relief funds in question were contingent on states not asking Medicaid enrollees whether they were still eligible for the program. The end of the public health emergency meant that states would resume doing what they had done for the first 50-plus years of Medicaid.

Iowa Can Still Show D.C. What Fiscal Sanity Looks Like

Lawmakers at every level have control over how much the government spends. If our nation’s lawmakers need an example to emulate for good habits, though, Iowa can show them the playbook. During the most recent debt ceiling drama in our nation’s capital, modest spending reductions were exchanged for an increase in the federal government’s borrowing limit. While that compromise is […]

Iowa vs. Minnesota: Neighboring States Show Different Futures for America

Both Iowa and Minnesota offer contrasting visions for their respective states and for America’s future. If you want to know what the left would do to America, pay close attention to what it is doing to Minnesota. This article was originally published in Real Clear Policy. There is no Berlin Wall or 38th Parallel separating Lyle, Minnesota, from Mona, Iowa, […]

Iowa’s Local Bond-Election Reform Is a Model for Other States

The Hawkeye State is on a path of one limited-government-policy victory after another. This article was originally published by National Review. When it comes to politics, Iowa is recognized coast to coast for its first-in-the-nation caucuses during election season. When it comes to policy, Iowa has traditionally not been noticed at all. That began to change after the 2016 election brought Republicans unified […]

Encourage Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Key Iowa Industries

As tax and regulatory reforms spur our state’s economy forward, policymakers must ensure regulations do not unnecessarily prevent innovation, new ideas, and new jobs from being created in Iowa. In addition to leading pro-growth tax reform, Governor Kim Reynolds recently issued an executive order initiating a review process to eliminate excessive and unnecessary state regulations. An innovative policy taking hold […]

The Debt Ceiling’s Impact on Iowa

When the federal government is forced into true spending cuts, dollars sent to the states could be first on the chopping block. There is an old adage that says a successful compromise is achieved when all parties involved walk away unhappy.  That take might be too cynical, but it is also grounded in reality.  And if that definition is accurate, […]

City Budget Reserves and the Impact on Taxpayers

Some cities may have collected more taxes than they needed and now they’re stockpiling your cash. Why the numbers matter During debate in the 2023 Iowa Legislature over a technical correction related to the taxable value of properties, the spotlight touched on the topic of reserve funds. The correction in question lowers the amount of taxable valuation cities and other local governments […]