Governor Reynolds Wants More Tax Cuts

Iowa’s Chief Executive views the budget surplus as an over collection of taxes. In announcing Iowa’s $1.83 billion surplus, Governor Kim Reynolds stated her desire to continue cutting taxes in 2024, “Some see a surplus as government not spending enough, but I view it as an over collection from the hard-working men and women of Iowa… I look forward to cutting […]

Federal Shutdown Looms as Spending Fight Continues: What It Means for Iowa

The State of Iowa and local governments would be wise to reduce their dependence on federal funding. The U.S. House of Representatives returned to Washington, D.C. after its summer recess and went right to work. A looming federal budget battle may result in a government shutdown, and both chambers of Congress only have a few more working days scheduled before the September […]

Don’t Let a Bad Policy Idea Take Root

Believe it or not, the focus in the Iowa presidential caucus is starting to shift from the personalities of the candidates to their actual policies.  August delivered a plethora of campaign swings throughout Iowa including the State Fair, which provided a platform for candidates to discuss issues. The first Republican debate, although light on tax policy, allowed the candidates to start engaging on a number of issues.  For Iowans, there is an important intersection of tax policy we should be paying closer attention to: federal estate tax laws and the capital gains tax.  More specifically, Iowans must be wary of any changes to how the cost basis of inherited assets is calculated or our farm families could end up paying a steep price.

A Safe Space for Innovation

A streamlined path to market leads to greater innovation, more economic growth, and lower prices for consumers. The concept of a regulatory sandbox has emerged as a popular way to promote innovation and experimentation while still operating within the confines of government oversight. A regulatory sandbox is essentially a controlled environment where businesses can test ideas, products, and services without […]

A Tax Storm Is on the Horizon, Unless Congress Takes Action

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) was the most significant pro-growth tax reform measure in recent years. Taxpayers in Iowa, whether individuals or small business owners, benefited greatly from the tax relief and reforms as a result of the TCJA. However, effective policymakers failed to make the TCJA permanent and key provisions are scheduled to sunset starting in 2025. These provisions, unless renewed or made permanent, will result in significant tax increases. Further, the tax increases will harm the national economy, which is already on shaky ground.

Iowa Is an Example of Federalism at Its Best

The more the federal government can stay out of the way, the better.

The battle for the Republican presidential nomination is heating up, and the national spotlight will continue to shine on Iowa as candidates flock to the Hawkeye State to court voters. In January, Iowa Republicans will hold the first-in-the-nation presidential caucus, but national attention is a result of more than just the campaigns. Presidential candidates and the media are focusing on Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa’s record of advancing conservative economic and social policies.