The Path Remains Clear for More Tax Reform

“There is no reason to think the state cannot continue down the path of leaving more money in Iowans’ pockets.” -Iowa Department of Management Director Kraig Paulsen The Revenue Estimating Conference (REC), which has the arduous task of estimating Iowa’s tax revenue, recently met to provide an updated revenue forecast. The REC slightly lowered their revenue estimate for the current […]

New Budget and Tax Notices Will Provide Needed Transparency for Taxpayers

This article was published in the Des Moines Register, Telegraph Herald and The Gazette. Property taxes have been on autopilot for too long. Injecting more transparency into local government budgeting will benefit taxpayers. Property taxes are a top concern for many Iowans. The growing frustration over high property taxes surpasses political party identification and the urban-rural divide. As part of […]

It’s Time for a Conversation: Navigating Changes in Education

This article was published in the Ames Tribune. Leaving an entire system on autopilot does a disservice to students, school districts, and the taxpayer. Governor Kim Reynolds has introduced legislation aimed at reforming the state’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs), stirring vigorous debate among the public. Some of the bill’s reforms could directly affect property taxes, but their significance lies in […]

Big Banks vs. Iowa Farms: Ag Community Plows Through Net-Zero Nonsense

This article was published in The Gazette. The cost of Biden’s climate policies may be coming to a farm near you. State agriculture officials from twelve states, including Iowa’s own Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, recently signed a joint letter to six of the country’s largest investment banks expressing concerns over the banks’ support for net-zero banking practices promoted by […]

Not all Iowans are Taxed the Same

Iowans Deserve Predictable Taxes Wherever They ROAM Iowa shares its border with six other states, and while many Iowans live and work in the Hawkeye state, there are a number of Iowans who work elsewhere. This results in not all Iowans being taxed the same. Depending on where they live and work, the state tax liability for Iowans can vary […]