The Troubling Proliferation of Universal Basic Income Programs

This article was published in Governing. Iowa policymakers did the right thing in prohibiting localities from creating UBI programs that would not only fail to resolve poverty but also create a fiscal nightmare for taxpayers. The idea of a universal basic income (UBI), whereby a government provides everyone with a certain monthly amount to spend as they wish, is nothing new. […]

Pro-Growth Policies and Conservative Reforms Stand Out in Session Recap

“The headline of this session is simple: Iowa’s income tax rate will be the 6th lowest in the country…” The Iowa legislature has adjourned, and this session has resulted in some important pro-growth policy victories that provide further tax relief to Iowans, while also making Iowa’s economy more competitive and government more efficient. As Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver said, “The […]

Local Government Guaranteed Income Programs to be Banned

This legislation properly reminds Iowa cities and counties of their expected role, while protecting property taxpayers from funding a flawed poverty prevention program.  Taxpayers across Iowa were provided with another protection by the Iowa Legislature this week, as the House and Senate sent a bill to Governor Reynolds that bans local governments from participating in guaranteed income programs.   House File […]

Push for Judicial Independence Gains Momentum in Indiana

The Iowa Legislature could reinforce the integrity of our legal system and uphold the tradition of impartial decision-making, essential for maintaining public trust. Iowa lawmakers are considering ways to reduce agency deference as this year’s legislative session gets closer to the finish line.  That’s why we were excited to read about our Midwestern neighbors in Indiana making progress to ensure […]

Iowa’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Begins to Take Shape: Spending Will Determine Future Tax Relief

The goal of the FY25 budget should be to reflect the average taxpayer’s ability to pay for the budget. Sound tax policy begins with conservative budgeting. Last week both the Iowa House and Senate announced their budget targets for the Fiscal Year 2025 budget. Budget targets are used as benchmarks to determine how the various departments and programs within the […]