Property Tax Cap Would Save $250 Million

In fiscal year 2025, local governments will grow property taxes by more than 6%. The start of a new fiscal year on July 1 means the start of new property tax levies for cities, counties, and school districts across Iowa.  ITR Foundation has compiled the year-over-year changes in both property taxes and population/enrollment for each of those taxing authorities in […]

The Fiscal Policy of Governor Reynolds Brings Stability and Optimism

This article was published in Corridor Business Journal. The real economic threat to individuals, families, and small businesses in Iowa is not from the fiscal conservative polices of Governor Reynolds, but rather the failed policies from the Biden administration.  The May 2024 NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Survey demonstrated that not only are small business owners pessimistic about the economy, […]

Iowans Seek Protection From Property Taxes and Income Taxes; Trump Widens Lead Over Biden

The most recent Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation Poll, conducted by Cygnal, shows a majority of Iowans want protections from property taxes and income taxes, while also demonstrating that Donald Trump has widened his lead over Joe Biden as November’s election nears. Almost 70 percent (69.6%) of those surveyed want the State Legislature to limit the growth of property taxes […]

Supreme Court Returns Checks and Balances to Governing

By Guest Columnist Kyle Wingfield If Chevron itself sounds arcane, know that it has unleashed unelected bureaucrats to wield legislative powers never intended for them. When the courts must settle a conflict between regulators (government agencies) and the regulated (citizens and businesses), common sense tells us there should be an equal playing field.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case in […]

How Much Does Your County Have in Reserve?

Some counties may be holding on to more reserve funds than necessary. Why the numbers matter. High property taxes are the number one issue in most Iowans’ minds. When the Iowa Legislature attempts to fix this problem by lowering the amount of property tax counties and other local governments can collect, some claim they will have to cut emergency management […]