Alayna Davidson

“Education is definitely not a one-size-fits-all deal...

That’s why having the choice where you go is so important.”


“I was in a lot of foster homes as a child. Then, I was adopted by the Davidsons when I was eight years old. My mom and dad knew about Joshua Christian Academy before I was adopted, but they didn’t send me there until the third grade. They wanted me to experience public schools first and see if that was a good fit.”

“Public schools weren’t the best choice for me, though. I was being bullied, because I was not the same color, the same shape – stuff like that. So, we came to JCA.”

“This school has had such a big, positive impact on my life. I made so many friends over the years. We get to do chapel every morning. Even if I don’t enjoy it at that very moment, I always realize that in the end it will impact me a lot more, and that worship experience stays with me.”

“I’m in my senior year now. I’ve played basketball since fifth grade. I started volleyball in the seventh grade too. I did archery for a little bit and tennis started this year.”

“In the public schools, you don’t really get as much help as you need because there are a lot more students than here at JCA. But even when our fifth and sixth grade classes were combined, I still got the help I needed.”

“Learning has always been a struggle for me. I didn’t do well in school before I came to JCA. The teachers have really helped me earn a passing grade and have dedicated the time to helping me succeed. The relationships between students and teachers is more developed than at other schools, I think. It really feels like they care for our future here.”

“After I graduate, I hope to become a Biblical theologian. I’ll probably work a little before I go to school for that. Receiving an education at a faith-based school like JCA has played a part in inspiring me to pursue that.”

“Education is definitely not a one-size-fits-all deal. When choosing schools, you have to be very careful. It has such a huge impact on your future. There’s a lot of bullying in some places. The public schools don’t always make sure you’re succeeding or helping you out if you need some extra assistance. That’s why having the choice where you go is so important.”

“Thankfully, the learning environment at JCA has been really good. Dr. Juarez and all the teachers help us out with scholarships and with our work. They check in with us to see how we are doing and ask what they can do to help us succeed.”

“Even if you’re not Christian or religious, most can see the importance of a school that provides a good education and good teachers that help each student discover their potential and what they would like to do in life.”


Alayna Davidson
Des Moines, IA