The Federal Budget and Debt Ceiling: Stop Pouring Gasoline on the Fire

By Victoria Sinclair, Guest Columnist A nation simply cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity. Federal legislators and the President must stop fueling the flames and exercise spending restraint. It is imperative that federal legislators and the President take the issue of the federal deficit seriously and act now.  Generations of American politicians have more or less ignored the […]

Five Surprising Facts About Microschooling

The microschools that have sprouted in recent years, and the new ones that are now appearing, span a wide variety of educational philosophies and approaches, from structured “classical” models to unstructured “unschooling” models, and everything in between. Iowa lawmakers are poised to debate additional school choice legislation this year. If passed, parents will be given even more flexibility on how state […]

2024 Presidential Race Reminds Us: States Matter

The midterm elections are over, so now the question is: Who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees for President in 2024? Americans will sort that out over the next 18 months. Assuming Joe Biden either declines to run again or is challenged in his own party, two sets of major-party candidates will work in the states to win their party’s nomination. The state-by-state nature of the contest is thanks to the Electoral College, even though the party nominating processes are different from the presidential election process.