Iowa Completes a Pro-taxpayer Legislative Session: Over $1 Billion in Tax Relief

By Chris Hagenow and Grover Norquist This article was published in the Des Moines Register. Pro-growth tax reforms combined with conservative budgeting are strengthening Iowa’s economy and creating a strong fiscal foundation. Iowa is quickly becoming one of the most taxpayer-friendly states in the country. On the heels of delivering a historic income tax cut just two years ago, Republicans used […]

States Can Begin Verifying Medicaid Eligibility for First Time in 3 Years

When people receive benefits they’re not supposed to get, that leaves less money for everything else the government does.

For months, advocates for more taxpayer-funded healthcare have warned of a looming drop in Medicaid coverage. They blamed this on the official end of the COVID-19 “public health emergency” and associated relief funds.

But as I pointed out earlier this year, the real issue is that millions of people have been receiving a taxpayer-funded benefit for which they no longer qualify. That’s because the relief funds in question were contingent on states not asking Medicaid enrollees whether they were still eligible for the program. The end of the public health emergency meant that states would resume doing what they had done for the first 50-plus years of Medicaid.

A Very Short Primer on What Causes Inflation

By Patrick Barron What almost everyone calls “inflation” is really a rise in the general price level. OK. But the real definition of “inflation” is inflation of the money supply. A rise in the general price level is a consequence of inflation of the money supply. Technically, the price level is determined by supply and demand, one of economic science’s […]