Biden’s Way or the Iowa Way

As Americans try to deal with the impact of rising inflation, President Biden had a tweet this weekend with his plan to lower gas prices. Biden’s solution is issue a command that gas stations simply lower the price. Brilliant. Chris Hagenow, Chris Ingstad and Sarah Curry get together to discuss this stunning ignorance of free market economics and the audacity to believe that the President holds the power to dictate terms to private citizens.

Post Primary Extravaganza

ITR’s Chris Hagenow, and Ernie Adkison along with ITR Foundation’s Chris Ingstad get together to discuss chickens, bounce houses and pressure washers along with a few other random topics.   The results of Iowa’s primary elections. Big wins for Republican United States Senator Chuck Grassley and his opponent Micheal Franken. State Senator Zach Nunn wins big and will now be […]

A Brighter Future

Host Chris Hagenow was recently named President of Iowans for Tax Relief and is joined by new ITR Foundation President Chris Ingstad to discuss their new roles within the ITR family of organizations. The Chris’s talk about why the future is bright not only for their organizations but, more importantly, for the future of the state of Iowa. After explaining […]