Healthcare as Stimulus and Infrastructure?

By Dr. Christopher Peters Between last fall’s election and inauguration day, many of us were speculating about what health care changes we could expect under President Joe Biden. Nearly three months into his presidency, the picture still is not crystal clear. Since President Biden’s inauguration, the administration has reversed some of the healthcare policy decisions enacted under the Trump administration. […]

The Near-Term Future of Healthcare Reform

By Dr. Christopher Peters   With President-Elect Joe Biden’s administration due to take over in just over a month the nation will be faced with either a divided Congress or a razor-thin Democratic majority. What might we expect in the realm of healthcare reform in the near future? Probably not much.   Democrats maintained their majority in the House, but […]

What is the Future of Health Care Policy?

By Dr. Christopher Peters   Right now, we have no choice but to wait for votes to be counted and 2020’s election results to become final.  Those tallies will eventually tell us who will not only occupy the Oval Office but also control the United States Congress.  While we wait, it’s worth diving into potential changes to our health care […]

Education Savings Accounts

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of Tax Education Foundation.  They are brought to you in the interest of a better-informed citizenry. Education Savings Accounts in the Hawkeye State: Potential Fiscal Effects on State and Local Taxpayers By Martin Lueken, Ph.D., EdChoice Download PDF