Dr. Stuart Juarez

“Education savings accounts would mean

a huge deal to parents in our community and elsewhere,

looking for an alternative that would meet

their child’s unique needs."

“We have graduates this year that would not have graduated without in-person classes. We have students that, if not for our Christ-centered mission and student-centered learning environment at Joshua Christian Academy, would not be graduating.”

“Our staff is incredible. With smaller classes, our teachers can spend more time with each student and give them the attention they need to succeed. Some of our students come from the foster care system, and their foster parents have sent them here because their public schools failed them.”

“Our inner-city public schools have become funnels for kids from lower class backgrounds. The upper class is moving to the suburbs, and the low-income families are stuck in district schools that don’t meet their needs and they can’t afford the alternatives.”

“At JCA, we have two graduates this year that scored over 34 on the ACTs. The comprehension is there, their education is at that level because we are able to spend the time with them. If we allow parents to choose schools with smaller class sizes for their kids, our students will thrive.”

“Education savings accounts would mean a huge deal to parents in our community and elsewhere, looking for an alternative that would meet their child’s unique needs. More families would be able to come to JCA, some that can’t even afford the minimum $50 per month tuition we have.”

“With scholarships, donors that believe in our work and good souls that want to sponsor children, the lowest we can bring it down to is $50 per month, but we know families that can’t afford that. It’s just too much of a financial burden to choose $50 a month or milk, cereal and break for their children.”


Dr. Stuart Juarez
Secondary Principle
Joshua Christian Academy
Des Moines, IA


“When classes are too overcrowded and the students don’t get what they need in public schools, the students sometimes end up with an IEP. The student doesn’t actually need one, but the school presses it because that’s the only way to get a more individualized curriculum.”

“These students are bright, these students can succeed, these students can achieve. They don’t need to be labeled by the system, and that’s what the system does to get them into smaller classes. That just puts a stigma on that student and all of a sudden they’re stuck in an IEP.”

“They start to think they’re less successful, that they have to be in special classrooms – well, every classroom is special, and every student is special. That’s what we tell our students at JCA every day.

“We have a lot of parents in the community that would love to send their students to JCA and other private Christian schools around here that would better meet their needs and put them on a path to success.”

“Education savings accounts would be a big part in making that a reality for these families by allowing children in this state to thrive through access to smaller classes and educational choice.”