ITR Foundation Poll Shows Strong Support for Cutting Taxes and School Choice

Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation released our inaugural poll last week.  After learning which lawmakers Iowans favor, it is no surprise to learn how they feel about policy issues.  The results show that Iowans want lower taxes, less spending, and more choice in education.  Here are some of the highlights…


Our Lawmakers:

Governor Kim Reynolds has the highest (+21%) favorability rating among Iowa voters.  She is followed by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (+12%) and President Trump (+8%), while President Biden is facing an uphill battle for support (-18%).


On Iowa’s Budget Surplus:

Maybe this one should be titled “On Iowa’s Over Taxation.”  Informed that Iowa’s state government ended the year with a $1.24 billion surplus, Iowans made it very clear that they have sent too many dollars to the Capitol in Des Moines.  Iowans favor using those funds to lower how much Iowans pay in taxes (59%), as opposed to using those funds for new or increased government services (26%).


On Biden’s Spending Plan:

That same aversion to spending in Iowa translated to the federal level, too.  Far more Iowans oppose (59%) President Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending plan than support (34%) it.


On Property Taxes:

Iowans definitely think property taxes are too high.  The number of Iowans who think property taxes are too high (63%), far outpaces those who think they are about right (23%).


On Parental Choice in Education:

Iowans support (57%) parents spending their child’s share of state educational funding at the public or private school of their choice.  That’s almost twice as many Iowans who oppose (30%) parental choice for their child’s education.