TEF Iowa Hosts Midwest Policy Summit

Five state policy organizations recently met to discuss principles that create opportunity and promote liberty.


TEF Iowa recently hosted and sponsored the second meeting of the Midwest Policy Summit. Policy organizations from Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska met to discuss public policy issues confronting the Midwest. Some of the policy topics at the Midwest Policy Summit included:


  • Tax credit reform by John Mozena, President of The Center for Economic Accountability
  • Energy policy in the Midwest by Isaac Orr, a Policy Fellow at the Center of the American Experiment
  • Occupational licensing reform by Dr. Laura Ebke, Senior Fellow for Job Licensing Reform at the Platte Institute
  • Local government spending and transparency reform by Patrick Ishmael, Director of Government Accountability at the Show-Me Institute


The Midwest Policy Summit seeks to foster the discussion of ideas and principles that will create opportunity and promote liberty among our respective states.