Trump Raid: Impartial Law or Political Manipulation?

In unprecedented fashion, the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, on behalf of the National Archives. Immediately, social media exploded with people taking a stand on both sides of the issue.  On this week’s ITR Live podcast, ITR President Chris Hagenow and ITR Foundation Policy Director John Hendrickson discuss why this is such a startling development.

The law should be impartial and apply evenly to everyone.  The question is whether that is the case in this instance or not.  Reports are trickling out about what the FBI was truly after when they undertook the raid.  If it was anything less than a very real national security threat, using the Department of Justice and weaponizing it against political adversaries is a dangerous precedent to set.

Beyond the news of the day, Chris and John took a look back at Iowa’s own Herbert Hoover, on the 148th anniversary of his birth.  John made the case that America needs to turn to its past for political wisdom today.  Many conservatives view former President Hoover as the “Depression” president, but conservatives should take a deeper look when placing judgment. President Hoover was a defender of limited government and federalism and was critical of Roosevelt trying to pack the supreme court.

John shared that, “the Republican party back then were all budget hawks and they believed running a deficit was bad policy… Coolidge, Harding, and Hoover were all concerned about the budget side because they said in order to cut taxes you had to keep your spending in order, so spending reductions had to come first.”