Iowa Government and Politics Curriculum

ITR Foundation empowers Iowans to claim ownership of their future through education, civic engagement, and the development of conservative policy solutions. As a public policy organization our goal is to identify pragmatic courses of action on critical issues and provide a forum for citizens to share ideas and concerns.

ITR Foundation promotes the importance of limited government, a free-market economic system, and fiscal responsibility. These principles deliver economic freedom to all Iowans. We believe that concerned citizens are challenged to become better informed about public issues, because ideas have consequences, and involved individuals can make a difference.

It is within the spirit of our mission that Iowa Politics and Government was written. Iowa Politics and Government is a curriculum on Iowa’s state and local governments designed for middle school and high school students. This curriculum will provide students with an understanding of the structure and operation of state and local governments in Iowa. ITR Foundation is pleased to offer this curriculum free of charge.


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