Making Iowa More Competitive Through Occupational Licensing Reform

This article was published in the Des Moines Register. Occupational licensing reform creates a more transparent process reviewing licenses and their associated requirements to see if they are appropriate or if they serve as a barrier making it more difficult for individuals to enter into a certain occupation. Governor Kim…

South Carolina joins West Virginia in Repealing the CON

Removing Certificate of Need requirements would put more services within reach of Iowans and help slow down the rising costs of health care in our state. Earlier this spring, we told you how West Virginia passed legislation repealing several provisions of its Certificate of Need (CON) Laws.  As we wrote…

Property Taxes

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ITR Live Podcast

New Property Tax Exemptions ITR Live: Conservative Iowa Politics

One of ITR's Five Principles of Sound Tax Policy states that Iowa’s tax code should be fair and not favor one group of taxpayers at the expense of another. But, this principle does not mean taxpayers should not take advantage of every opportunity to reduce their tax bill. The property tax reform legislation recently signed by Governor Reynolds will directly cut tax bills for seniors and veterans. Below are details of who qualifies and what they need to do: ITR Live also comes back to our regular feature "What Did John See on KCCI?" with a special report on a recent town hall meeting with the State Auditor. And topping off this wide-ranging episode is a classic John Hendrickson rebuke of free trade.

About ITR Foundation

Let’s be honest, big government is big bureaucracy, and common sense tells us big bureaucracy is ineffective. That’s why ITR Foundation works to:

  • Research principled solutions
  • Educate Iowans about our solutions
  • Activate Iowans in support of our solutions

By applying the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and the rule of law to public policy, we can ensure all Iowans will have the opportunity to succeed.

Making a Difference

ITR Foundation set the policy groundwork for many recent taxpayer victories in Iowa:

  • A 3.9% flat individual income tax rate by 2026
  • Elimination of income taxes on retirement income
  • Elimination of inheritance tax
  • Creating a path to reduce corporate income tax to 5.5%
  • Phasing-out special tax incentives in the corporate tax code

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Iowa’s Historic Chance to Eliminate Its Income Tax

This article was published in the National Review. The Hawkeye State must keep leading the way with pro-growth, pro-family economic policies. In 2022, Iowa led what has been called a state-level “flat-tax…

Conservative Budgeting Continues for FY2024

Governor Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature continue to toe the line for taxpayers through 2024 with prudent budgeting. Despite national economic uncertainty resulting from high inflation, Iowa’s fiscal foundation was…

Legislature Passes Property Tax Reform Measure

This legislation delivers more transparency and spending restraint for taxpayers. However, future property tax reform must be pursued and include strong budget or spending limits applied to entire local government…


Taxes & Spending

Legislature Passes Property Tax Reform Measure

This legislation delivers more transparency and spending restraint for taxpayers. However, future property tax reform must be pursued and include strong budget or spending…

Upset About Your Property Taxes?

This article was published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. A spending limit applied to local governments requiring them to earn a vote of the…

Helping Iowa Grow

Certificate of Need Law Reform Could Save Lives

CON laws have decreased competition in Iowa’s healthcare field, resulting in higher medical costs and reduced healthcare access. The news has recently been telling…