Personal Stories: How Education Choice Impacts Others

The future of Iowa and our country lies in our children's hands. We must provide them with the best tools possible to succeed.  The most important thing is education.  Iowa has a proud heritage of public education and many schools and teachers do a great job educating our children.  However, they do not meet the needs of all. This is why school choice is so important. Parents should have the ability and opportunity to send their children to the best school possible to meet their child's needs. A child's education should not be limited because of their zip code or socio-economic status. The interest of kids should be placed first, rather than on school bureaucracies. It is through real-life stories of change from parents and private school leaders that illustrate the importance of choice in education best.

School choice growing in Waterloo


In an effort to fill the gaps within the public school system, Royal Legacy Christian Academy opened its doors in 2008. The goal, to provide an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional public schools. Enrollment today continues to grow, as do the grade levels RLCA provides.

School Choice Success in Des Moines


By offering a customized and unique curriculum, Joshua Christian Academy in Des Moines offers its students hope and opportunity they would not otherwise have had in traditional public schools.


These are their stories