Gov. Reynolds Widens Lead; Iowans Support Conservative Candidates and Policies

The most recent Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation Poll, conducted by Cygnal, shows Governor Kim Reynolds is growing more popular, while President Joe Biden remains unpopular.  Iowans support a wide range of conservative candidates and policy measures, including spending limits on local governments to control property taxes.

(Complete poll results and analysis are available for download below)

Governor Reynolds has expanded her lead over Democrat nominee Deidre DeJear to more than 20 points on the gubernatorial ballot, and President Biden remains down by 10 points to former President Donald Trump on a hypothetical 2024 Presidential ballot.  President Biden is viewed unfavorably by 63.9% of Iowans, while the generic Democrat candidate for Congress (39.2%) trails the generic Republican (55.6%).

Iowans also favor Chuck Grassley over Mike Franken for U.S. Senate, Brenna Bird over Tom Miller in the Attorney General’s race, and Mike Naig over John Norwood for Secretary of Agriculture.

56.1% of Iowans support setting limits on how much a local government can tax and spend in order to control the growth of property taxes.

ITR Foundation President Chris Ingstad said, “It’s telling that after inboxes and television screens have been inundated with campaign messages this fall, Iowa voters have moved in an even more conservative direction.  Clearly the conservative principles of limited government and lower taxes, among others, resonate with Iowans.”


ITR Foundation Poll:





ITR Foundation Poll Methodology: This probabilistic survey was conducted October 2 – 4, 2022, with 600 likely general election voters. It has a margin of error of ±3.95%. Known registered voters were interviewed via IVR and SMS. This survey was weighted to a likely general election voter universe.


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