Assessors Are NOT Responsible for Property Tax Increases

The Assessor is NOT to Blame

We’ve all heard it around our communities: “Watch out: the assessor is coming around, which means property taxes are going up!” or “Don’t let them near your home, or they will increase the value and make your taxes go up!”

Don’t miss who is truly in charge of your property taxes. When county board, city council, and school board members increase spending, taxes go up; when their spending decreases, taxes go down. It’s as simple as that.

Find out, step-by-step, how property tax rates are determined and how an assessor’s job is necessary for taxes to be levied fairly. To learn more about your local property tax bill and how you can stop the spending that is ultimately responsible for higher property tax bills, visit

Governor Kim Reynolds Receives A Mandate

The national media ignored the “red wave” that took place in Iowa as Gov. Kim Reynolds was also re-elected in a landslide. Iowa voters not only re-elected Gov. Reynolds, but they expanded the Republican majority in the legislature, and for the first time in decades elected a Republican Attorney General and State Treasurer. 

Iowa voters overwhelmingly gave Gov. Reynolds a mandate to continue her conservative policy agenda. Iowa was a “purple” state, but over the last few years has shifted more Republican. The reason for this change is that conservative policies are working in Iowa. It is also the leadership that Gov. Reynolds has shown to Iowans.

Check out this article published by The Center Square on how Governor Reynolds conservative values and “no back down” approach have propelled Iowa to be a better place for future generations.

Tax Foundation 2023 Business Tax Climate Index

The Tax Foundation has released the 2023 State Business Tax Climate Index, which ranks the states on their tax competitiveness. Iowa, which previously was in the bottom ten for worst tax climate, is now ranked 38th in the nation.

This ranking however does not factor in Iowa’s recent tax reforms. Once Iowa’s tax reform is fully implemented it is estimated that Iowa will have the 13th-best tax ranking in the nation.

Iowa’s tax climate is improving, and more work is needed to lower income and property taxes, but our state has made substantial progress. Iowa is a national leader on how to balance pro-growth tax reforms with responsible conservative budgeting.

Iowa’s October Revenue Continues to Surpass Estimates

Iowa’s revenue report for October continued to depict a positive fiscal situation heading into the holiday season. Even with continued inflation, a national recession, and a workforce shortage, the state’s net General Fund revenue for the month was $198.6 million (32.7%) above October 2021.

Iowa’s strong revenue continues to prove that the tax reform passed early this year were the right move for the future of our state.

C’MON MAN: Are Our Costs Really Going Down?

President Joe Biden took the stage at a recent Democratic National Committee Event to proclaim “Democrats are lowering your everyday costs like prescription drugs, healthcare premiums, energy bills, and gas prices (emphasis added).”

The reality is gas prices alone are up 80% from just two years ago. Americans aren’t fooled and can tell that their check today does not go as far as they did two years ago.

Support for Conservative Candidates Proved Strong

The Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation Poll, conducted back in late October by Cygnal, proved to be spot on in the 2022 Midterm Election.

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