New Budget and Tax Notices Will Provide Needed Transparency for Taxpayers

This article was published in the Des Moines Register, Telegraph Herald and The Gazette. Property taxes have been on autopilot for too long. Injecting more transparency into local government budgeting will benefit taxpayers. Property taxes are a top concern for many Iowans. The growing frustration over high property taxes surpasses political party identification and the urban-rural divide. As part of […]

Truth-in-Taxation Would Benefit Iowa Taxpayers

This article was published in the Iowa Capital Dispatch. Truth-in-Taxation forces local governments to be more transparent, holds local governments accountable, and provides an opportunity for citizens to have an honest conversation with their elected officials about property taxes. Frustration with high property taxes is reaching a boiling point, especially after taxpayers across Iowa are receiving their assessment notices. Taxpayers […]