Iowans Favor Income Tax Constitutional Protection

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Iowa has made great progress in reducing income taxes over the past few years. One question that is now being asked is, what is the best way to protect taxpayers from dramatic and damaging increases in the future? The most recent ITR Foundation poll found that over 60% of Iowans support a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority in the legislature for any measure to increase Iowa’s income tax.

These topline results show the issue has a net favorability among Iowa voters of 43%, with 61.3% of poll respondents supporting new limits, and only 18.4% of respondents opposing them.

71% of registered Republicans support the additional tax protection, while only 12% oppose it.

44% of Democrats support a state income tax amendment, while 35% oppose it, for a net favorability of 9%.

With Republican and Democrat voters being in favor of the issue, independent voters demonstrated a strong backing of a constitutional limit, too.  63% of no-party voters support constitutional protection with only 13% opposing it, for a net favorability of 50%.

The tax reform bill last year was historic for Iowa. Once completely phased in, the number of individual tax brackets will be reduced from nine with a top marginal rate of 8.53% to a single (flat) tax bracket with a rate of 3.90% by 2026. Legislators continue to work to speed up the reduction process and lower the income tax rate to the point of elimination. The state is definitely headed in the right direction and with the progress that has been made, those gains must also be protected.

*This probabilistic survey was conducted by Cygnal from April 3-4, 2023, with 600 likely general election voters. The full poll is available at

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