Comparing Property Taxes

How do your taxes compare with other areas?

Across Iowa, property taxes represent one of the most substantial tax burdens most individuals and businesses pay.

Over half of the property taxes paid statewide in Iowa will be for cities (29.06 percent) and counties (21.95 percent).

Using information from the Iowa Department of Management and the U.S. Census Bureau, TEF created scorecards by looking at the change in three measurements from Fiscal Year 2016 to Fiscal Year 2017.

  1. Change in property tax rates
  2. Change in property tax revenue relative to inflation and population growth
  3. Change in the total revenue per resident

Scoring was as follows for each category:

  • One point (1) was given for a decrease
  • Zero points (0) were given for no change
  • Negative one point (-1) was given for an increase
  • Individual points were then totaled for a final ranking.

These scorecards are meant to provide objective data that is consistent among taxing authorities. TEF did not investigate the reason for a location’s rate or revenue change; circumstances vary from location to location.



We encourage you to use this information to ask questions and present concerns to your local elected officials.