Iowans Support Property Tax Limits

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Property taxes are a heavy burden for Iowans and voters are demanding that the legislature step up to offer some relief.  The most recent ITR Foundation poll found that a full two-thirds of Iowans support the general assembly setting limits on how much a local government can tax and spend in order to control the growth of property taxes.

These topline results show the issue has a net favorability among Iowa voters of over 49%, with 66.6% of poll respondents supporting new limits, and only 17.3% of respondents opposing them.

Source: ITR Foundation Poll April 2023

Among Republican voters, there is overwhelming support for property tax limits, with a net favorability of over 73%.  79% of registered Republicans support tax and spending limits for local governments, while only 6% oppose them.

Source: ITR Foundation Poll April 2023

What may be surprising given how polarized our county is on so many issues, is how Democrat voters in Iowa appear to support property tax limits, as well.  46% of Democrats support tax and spending limitations being placed on local governments, while 33% oppose them, for a net favorability of 13%.

Source: ITR Foundation Poll April 2023

With Republican and Democrat voters setting the support parameters for this issue, Independent voters demonstrated a strong backing of local limits.  70% of no-party voters support the legislature placing limits on local governments with only 18% opposing them, for a net favorability of 52%.

Source: ITR Foundation Poll April 2023

Since 2000, total property taxes collected in Iowa have increased 119%, which is more than the increase in population, inflation, or the cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security. The Tax Foundation ranked Iowa’s property tax burden as the 10th highest in the nation. Consequently, Iowans are demanding property tax relief, and they are tired of excuses from officials for why they have not delivered.  It’s time to take property tax growth off of autopilot.

Read ITR Foundation’s Property Tax Toolkit to learn more about how to tackle Iowa’s property tax problems.

*This probabilistic survey was conducted by Cygnal from April 3-4, 2023, with 600 likely general election voters. The full poll is available at

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