Parents: “We’re Not Really On Board with Some of These Things”

ITR Foundation Deputy Director Walt Rogers had a great interview discussing education with Jeff Stein on 1540 KXEL this week.

Here is some of what Walt had to say:

Connecting school choice to taxes:
"If we’re going to advocate for the taxpayer, we should be looking probably at the #1 eater of tax dollars, which is public education.  We should be looking more closely at how these dollars are actually spent."

What school choice means:
"Giving parents more options of how to educate their children and making sure the dollars follow that student to wherever they go."

What parents are feeling:
"Throughout the course of the pandemic…things became much more known and prominent to parents and some of these parents started to go, “we’re not really on board with some of these things."

How do we solve this? (Spoiler alert):
"The only real way out of this is school choice."

Listen to the full interview for more of Walt's comments.