Uncle Sam Isn’t Responsible for Iowa’s Strong Fiscal Foundation

Understanding what policies deserve credit for Iowa’s success allows the state to continue along its successful path. Success has many fathers, according to an old saying, but failure is always an orphan. The secure foundation of Iowa’s fiscal house proves the adage, with both fiscal conservatives and big-government advocates crediting their respective policies. The former claim Iowa’s fiscal health is […]

Governor Kim Reynolds: “Safe-Sane-Steady”

This article was published in the Des Moines Register. Whether it is fiscal conservatism, reforming state government, fighting against the radical woke cultural Marxism, or fighting to protect American soil, Governor Reynolds is leading Iowa as a strong conservative. “Safe-Sane-Steady” was one of the campaign slogans used by President Calvin Coolidge during the 1924 presidential campaign. “Safe-Sane-Steady” reflected Coolidge’s policies […]

Iowa Accelerates Transition to a Low Flat Tax

This article was published in National Review. The flat tax will now start a year earlier, and at a slightly lower rate, than originally planned. “The headline of this session is simple: Iowa’s income-tax rate will be the 6th lowest in the country,” stated Iowa senate majority leader Jack Whitver. Going into the legislative session, Governor Kim Reynolds and legislative leaders had […]

Pro-Growth Policies and Conservative Reforms Stand Out in Session Recap

“The headline of this session is simple: Iowa’s income tax rate will be the 6th lowest in the country…” The Iowa legislature has adjourned, and this session has resulted in some important pro-growth policy victories that provide further tax relief to Iowans, while also making Iowa’s economy more competitive and government more efficient. As Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver said, “The […]

Iowa’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Begins to Take Shape: Spending Will Determine Future Tax Relief

The goal of the FY25 budget should be to reflect the average taxpayer’s ability to pay for the budget. Sound tax policy begins with conservative budgeting. Last week both the Iowa House and Senate announced their budget targets for the Fiscal Year 2025 budget. Budget targets are used as benchmarks to determine how the various departments and programs within the […]

The Path Remains Clear for More Tax Reform

“There is no reason to think the state cannot continue down the path of leaving more money in Iowans’ pockets.” -Iowa Department of Management Director Kraig Paulsen The Revenue Estimating Conference (REC), which has the arduous task of estimating Iowa’s tax revenue, recently met to provide an updated revenue forecast. The REC slightly lowered their revenue estimate for the current […]

It’s Time for a Conversation: Navigating Changes in Education

This article was published in the Ames Tribune. Leaving an entire system on autopilot does a disservice to students, school districts, and the taxpayer. Governor Kim Reynolds has introduced legislation aimed at reforming the state’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs), stirring vigorous debate among the public. Some of the bill’s reforms could directly affect property taxes, but their significance lies in […]

House and Senate Release Joint Plan for Tax Cuts, Future Elimination

The Iowa legislature is poised to deliver the benefits of conservative budgeting and pro-growth policies to taxpayers in our state. Heading into the legislative session Governor Kim Reynolds and legislative leaders stated that not only would further income tax reform be a priority, but an opportunity existed to accelerate planned income tax rate reductions. Under current law the income tax rate […]

American Soil Should Remain in American Hands

This article was published in The Courier. Governor Reynolds is proposing new legislation to “further protect our farmland from foreign interests.” Defending American sovereignty is vital and Governor Kim Reynolds is working diligently to protect Iowa and the nation from the growing threat posed by China. From both an economic and national security standpoint, China likely represents the most dangerous […]

Governor Proposes New Tax Cuts; Legislators Signal Support for Pro-Growth Policies

Iowa’s income tax would drop to 3.5 percent next year under the governor’s proposal.  In her Condition of the State address, Governor Kim Reynolds outlined a pro-growth policy agenda, including a new round of income tax cuts. Gov. Reynolds stated, “ the condition of our state is truly strong.” The reason for this is the fiscally conservative policies Iowa’s elected officials have been […]

Accelerate, Lower, and Eliminate: A Pro-Growth Blueprint to Make Iowa’s Tax Code More Competitive

Additional income tax cuts will generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year in economic growth for Iowa. After three significant rounds of tax cuts since 2018, Iowa firmly established itself as the national leader in state-based tax reform. Now, the state government has a real possibility of eliminating the income tax, making Iowa the first state to do so. […]

Iowa’s Lesson from Colorado’s Proposition HH: New Spending Can Hide in “Tax Relief”

This past election was important for Iowa taxpayers. In addition to candidates for local government offices, Iowans voted on numerous bond proposals covering a variety of county, city, and school district projects. If all of the bond questions had passed, it would have meant $1.72 billion in new spending. During the election, only 22 of the questions achieved the required 60 percent majority for approval, representing an estimated $951.9 million. These results suggest taxpayers are paying more attention to bond questions owing to Iowans’ mounting frustration with high property taxes and recent legislation designed to increase participation.